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Since I was little, I've been growing up watching the work of my parents as they were running the restaurant. As the time went by, I got more involved in helping them and in working in the restaurant.

I have to mention here that my family did not run the restaurant during the period between 1984 and 1985 when the management of the restaurant was taken over by some other people.

During that period the restaurant lost its reputation, and my family had to take over again in order to bring back the quality and the trust of our customers. I took over in the early nineties and have managed to maintain its quality ever since in spite of the difficult years during the war. We've been trying to follow all the changes in the needs of our customers by gradual improvements in our services. We try to introduce our dishes objectively to our customers and to satisfy their needs for delicious and highly nutritious and healthy meals.

We want our customers to get on their plates the standard quality of certain meals. We do not experiment too much with mixing of different ingredients in order to attract with some unusual specialities .
Some rules were established long ago and one needs to respect them. We believe that the high quality produce and ingredients do not need the strong spices or unusual ingredients which would diminish their original quality.

For someone our menus might sound classic, but the quality has been approved and confirmed over the years. For example, we've been serving the same kind of rizotto di scampi over the period of 30 years and we've been always using the same kind of scampi from the Adriatic.

Buzara di scampi has not been changed from the kind they tasted years ago, many of our customers often say. We have also introduced some new dishes, but the principle has been the same: to enable out customers to taste the original quality of the produce. Organic vegetables and meats produced naturally and without chemicals, the Adriatic fish, crabs and shells are the foundation of our service.

With the careful selection of all the ingredients of our meals and side dishes we are trying to ease our way toward their satisfaction and their respect of our work.

At our restaurant Frankopan we do not try to offer a look of a prestigious restaurant because Frankopan could not be that. However, as our customers say, the delicios and high quality meals, the sincere and pleasant staff, cleaness and tidiness are all the reasons why they keep coming back.

It will be my special pleasure knowing that you have visited us and that you have been pleased by our sevices.

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