Special conveniences

The owner and manager of the restaurant Branimir Slivka with wife Jasmina has been following the family tradition which began in 1971.

From the very beginning mother Nedeljka has adapted her expertese developed at the restaurant «L'Etoile» in Paris in the 60ies to the local conditions.

And like this, for more than 30 years, from the high quality fish, crabs, shells and the best quality meats, she has been preparing delicious meals to the satisfaction of many restaurant customers.

The menu has been marked by the influences of the Italian and French cuisine, but it is primarily characterized by the signs of Croatian coastline region Primorje.

The emphasis is on sea flavors mixed with the aromas of the mediterranean plants and spices. The olive oil, garlic, rosemary and bayleaf can be discreetly tasted in most of the meals.

From the big assortments of seafood meals, those that stand out are the ones prepared with the scampi from the Kvarner bay, like for example, «Rizzotto di scampi», «The squids stuffed with scampi», «Buzara di scampi», «Scampi a la Parisian», etc..

In addition to the regular, but well-known pancakes with different fillings of special flavor Mrs. Jasmina will surprise you with specially delicious desserts of different kinds.

Next to the dining room, which can accommodate about 40 people, there is a bar where you can drink your aperitif or try some desserts.

During the warmer season, there is a covered terrace.

There is a beautiful view from the terrace overlooking Kraljevica, toward the isalnds and the shores of Kvarner.

In the same building and above the restaurant there are the airconditioned rooms with the terrace.

Its own covered parking lot will provide a pleasant stay with us.

The restaurant is open every day except Tuesdays from 12-23.

During August there are no closing days. In January and February we are generally closed for vacation and reparations.






Fara 6
51262 Kraljevica
Tel : 051 281 237